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The best way to contact WordBrewery is by email at We welcome bug reports, feedback, and feature requests. We have a very small team and cannot respond to every email, but we do our best to respond to customer and user emails within 24 hours. We always prioritize support requests from subscribers. We do not respond to solicitations of any kind.

If you encounter a problem with WordBrewery, please include the following information in your email to help us fix it as soon as possible:

a. the steps you took to encounter the problem;

b. exactly what the website did that prevented you from logging in;

c. what login method you tried (i.e. email and password, Facebook, or Google);

d. what platform or device you are using (iOS/iPhone/iPad, Windows, Mac/OSX, or Linux Ubuntu/Fedora/etc.), and

e. what browser you tried (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, or Edge).