One of WordBrewery’s most useful features is the ability to create and export sentence and word lists to Anki or other flashcard apps for extra practice.

Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard application that has been used by polyglots like Gabriel Wyner, author of Fluent Forever, Kevin Chen, co-founder of Italki, and Ryan McCarl, creator of WordBrewery. Spaced-repetition systems try to show you the item you are studying just when you are on the verge of forgetting it. Research shows that this improves long-term retention. In addition, Anki users are able to fully customize their decks by adding audio, images, and even CSS styling.

WordBrewery has just released our first Anki deck with a curated selection of Spanish sentences from our database. The WordBrewery Core Spanish deck helps you master the 500 most common Spanish words in the context of over 1000 real sentences from the news. Each sentence was chosen from recent news articles written for native speakers, and each sentence contains only high-frequency words (plus names). The deck also includes professional translations as well as audio recorded by WordBrewery’s professional Spanish-language voice actors in Venezuela.

This desk creates a strong foundation for beginners by enabling them to understand over 70% of the words they read and hear. It is ideal for accelerated beginners and self-educators, first-year college students, students enrolled in AP courses, and anyone wanting a thorough review of the most important Spanish vocabulary. In addition, it prepares you to study WordBrewery’s intermediate, advanced and master level sentences (not to mention the thousands of additional beginner-level sentences in our database). All WordBrewery’s sentences are authentic, accurate sentences from the news that are packed exclusively with high-frequency words.

Our Core Spanish deck is free to download, and you can create your own Anki-compatible lists at WordBrewery. If you like the deck, please rate it and share it. Your support helps us get the traction we need to build the features you want: every time you share one of our links or talk about WordBrewery on a social media site, it helps us enormously. ¡Buena Suerte!

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