Improve your Spanish speaking and pronunciation by mimicking WordBrewery’s native-speaker voice professionals

We have exciting news: WordBrewery users who are learning Spanish can now practice speaking and listening with real sentences pronounced by native Spanish speakers. WordBrewery has hired professional voice actors to record thousands of the Spanish sentences in our database. As with all of WordBrewery’s content, these are authentic, recent sentences from native-language news sources that are packed with the most important and high-frequency words. They are selected to help you maximize your learning efficiency and build real fluency as quickly as possible.

For language learners, there is no substitute for conversing with a native speaker. But the next best option is listening to and repeating after a native speaker while trying to mimic their pronunciation and intonation as closely as possible.

Most language-learning apps and websites use text-to-speech technology to generate audio of the vocabulary they teach. This technology is improving all the time, and it has the benefit of being free or nearly free. In my own language studies, before starting WordBrewery, I often created Anki decks and used the AwesomeTTS add-on to add speech to my flashcards. (Note: out of appreciation to the Anki and Memrise language-learner communities, WordBrewery allows users to export their study lists of high-frequency words and real example sentences so they can be imported on these sites).

Soon, WordBrewery plans to add native-speaker audio for other languages. You can help make that possible by registering for the website (it’s free), joining our email list, subscribing to our RSS feed, and sharing this post on social media. Thank you!

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