New at WordBrewery: Automatic Sentence Lists

In this video, WordBrewery founder Ryan McCarl discusses what makes WordBrewery different from other language-learning sites.

FAQ: How does WordBrewery measure my vocabulary knowledge as it grows?

The best way to learn vocabulary and grammar is by studying real example sentences. WordBrewery’s new automatic list feature allows you to instantly generate a printable and exportable list of real example sentences from the news for any word you want to study. It’s a great way to study a word’s different forms and the nuances of its usage. While studying the word, of course, you’ll also be reviewing and learning new vocabulary and grammar from the set of example sentences you created. Try it using the directions in the video and let us know what you think.

Here are two lists of real Spanish sentences from the news created with this tool:

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Three ways to use WordBrewery’s automatic sentence list tool:

  1. Create a new list with 20 sentences, then print or download the PDF of your new list. If you do this a few times each week, you will quickly build your vocabulary, grammatical understanding, and reading speed, and you will become more and more confident as you move toward fluency.
  2. Learn Spanish, French, or Russian verb conjugations effortlessly by studying examples of the verb in different forms; Ryan demonstrates this in the video above.
  3. Practice Japanese kanji or Chinese hanzi by searching for a character you want to learn in the Explore Mode search bar, clicking a word that contains that character in one of the sentences that appears, then creating a list of sentences containing that character.
  4. Bonus note for language teachers: Teachers can use the tool to easily get content for tests and worksheets.

Remember: unlike content from a textbook or other language apps, all of WordBrewery’s sentences are real sentences from recent news articles, so they tend to be relevant and interesting, making them more fun to study and easier to memorize.

How to access the automatic list feature:

Search for or click any word in Explore Mode, WordBrewery’s default mode. When you click a word, the Word Information box appears and displays information about the word such as its meanings, part of speech, and pronunciation. Near the top of the box, there is a little menu that you can click to build your list.

You can find the automatic list feature near the top of the Word Information box in Explore Mode. This box appears whenever you click a word in a sentence.

After building your sentence list, you can find it by clicking “Lists” in the navigation bar to visit the Study Lists page.

Ryan's French sentence lists

From there, you can download a PDF file of your sentences with their Google and Microsoft translations. You can export the sentences to a CSV file for import to Anki, Quizlet, or another flashcard program.

An automatic list with Spanish example sentences that contain the high-frequency word "mismo"

Note: Subscribers can choose how many sentences you want the list to contain; non-subscribers can try the feature but are limited to 30 total sentences per month.

If you get stuck, the video above walks you through the process.

Coming soon: Download audio files of your sentence lists

We have developed a feature that allows learners and teachers to automatically create downloadable audio files of the sentences in any of your lists, including the automatic sentence lists discussed in this post. We are currently testing and refining the feature. Be sure to join our email list to be notified when it is ready for you to try.

Advanced tip: lists based on specific forms of a word

The term lemma means the root form or dictionary form of a word family. For example, if you look up “makes” or “phones” in an English dictionary, you probably won’t finda them, because only lemmas appear in dictionaries. Instead, you would find the words in their lemma forms “make” and “phone.”

For most languages, WordBrewery lets you automatically create lists of example sentences containing containing either the word in all its forms or the word in one specific form. To see sentences with any form of the word, choose the option “Create a list with the lemma «word»,” as in this screenshot:

Click this icon to create an automatic list with the Spanish verb "aplicar" in all of its forms