What makes WordBrewery different from other language-learning apps and websites?

In the video above, WordBrewery founder Ryan McCarl discusses what makes WordBrewery different from other language-learning sites.

FAQ: Does WordBrewery teach my language?

Here are five reasons WordBrewery is a revolutionary way to learn a language:

(1) WordBrewery users study real sentences from the news instead of computer-generated, dumbed-down, or crowdsourced sentences.

(2) WordBrewery users focus on high-frequency vocabulary in order to learn as efficiently as possible.

(3) WordBrewery is appropriate for learners at any level, including the most advanced learners. We have an inexhaustible supply of fresh content because our scraper constantly scours news sites for sentences packed with high-frequency words. (If you would like to suggest additional sites for us to hunt for sentences, please email us. Our sentence scraping algorithm is very selective, so we need hundreds of sources for each language to find optimal sentences for our database.)

(4) WordBrewery users master grammar and vocabulary in context, not through rote memorization; and

(5) WordBrewery users can focus on their areas of interest by choosing to read sentences about specific topics. This can give you a big head start in understanding the sentences.

Each sentence you study on WordBrewery will bring you closer to mastery of the vocabulary and grammar you need to reach your goals. It gives you real experience reading and listening to your target language from day one. For a limited time, we are offering a basic subscription for only $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Your support is essential to our success. By subscribing to WordBrewery or helping us spread the word about it, you can play a major role in helping us build the mobile app, quiz mode, and language courses we are working on. You will also be helping us continue to add features like native-speaker audio, human-edited translations, and advanced natural language processing tools that help you learn as efficiently as possible.